Introduction presentation OWI-Lab

Cleantech Nocturne Powerlink 2012: "Blue energy, a new opportunity - focus on offshore wind energy"

Winterwind 2013 conference: "The use of a large climate chamber for extreme temperature testing & turbine component validation"

EWEA 2013 conference: "Monitoring of resonant frequencies and damping values of an offshore wind turbine on a monopile foundation"

CEEES 2013 conference: "Dynamic Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms"

CEEES 2013 conference: "Continuous Corrosion Monitoring of Monopole Foundation Structures"

CEEES 2013 conference: "Challenges in Monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbine Drive Trains"

Fabriek voor de toekomst 2014 - "Blue Energy: Belang van onderzoek en innovatie bij de verdere uitbouw van de Blue Energy Cluster in West-Vlaanderen" (in Dutch)

CWIEME conference 2014: "Extreme performance - increasing resilience and mitigating risk: climatic tests for transformers integration with offshore wind power"

SIMPEP 2014 Conference: "Advanced crack propagation simulation for eSHM system design"

Winterwind 2014 Conference: "Extreme cold start-up validation of wind turbine components by the use of a large climatic test chamber"

Winterwind 2015 Conference: " Inspection & repair: Why performing climatic chamber testing on wind turbine applications?"

VIS-Project Offshore Wind O&M Excellence (OWOME - Pitch Presentation)

Conference for Wind Power Drives (CWD) 2015 - Aachen: "Experimental
characterizaton of grid Loss event on nacelle test-­rig using advanced operatonal modal analysis"

AITA 2015 Conference: "Infrared and Vibration based Bearing Fault Detection Using Neural Networks"

AITA 2015 Conference: "Towards thermal imaging based condition monitoring in offshore wind turbines"