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Tackling corrosion issues and developing new materials in the wave, tidal and offshore wind sectors across Europe could save up to €84,000 million for developers and create up to €82,000 million of supply chain opportunities by 2050, according to two new reports Commissioned by the NeSSIE project, in which Sirris is a partner. 

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Setting: Begin 2017 werd de cluster “IBN Offshore Energie” opgezet met de steun van VLAIO (het Vlaamse Agentschap voor Ondernemen en Innoveren). Deze clusterwerking in dit “Innovatief BedrijfsNetwerk (IBN)” groepeert een 40-tal bedrijven en zet verder in op de reeds bestaande innovatie samenwerking binnen OWI-Lab waarin Sirris, VUB en UGent de kennispartners zijn.

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The wind industry is evolving in two main directions: new, and bigger turbines including new technologies and new, more extreme markets.

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Ready for a top job which combines your talent for technology and innovation with your adventurous nature? OWI-Lab is currently looking for an application engineer for new and current projects to improve operations & maintenance in offshore wind turbine farms.

Are you a talented application engineer with a passion for wind power at sea? Do you like setting up or developing both new and existing multidisciplinary research and innovation projects? You may be the person we are looking for to reinforce our OWI-Lab team!